• GNSS/GIS Erfassung - GEOmeter handheld

    GNSS/GIS Erfassung - GEOmeter handheld

  • Automatisierte Winterdienstdokumentation

    Automatisierte Winterdienstdokumentation

  • Fahrzeug Ortung

    Fahrzeug Ortung

  • MXbox Hybrid

    MXbox Hybrid

  • Historische GPS Antenne von 1985

    Historische GPS Antenne von 1985

  • GEOmeter MX

    GEOmeter MX

  • MXbox GNSS

    MXbox GNSS

  • MXbox GNSS

    MXbox GNSS

  • GEObox XL

    GEObox XL

GEOsat News

Seal of approval for many years of successful research activities

innovative through research


The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft pays tribute to the GEOsat for their long lasting and successful research activity with the label "innovative through research".
Since founding the GEOsat GmbH in 1985 we engage in numerous research projects with the focus on GNSS, telematics, sensor technology and geographic information. Our versatile potential of innovation is the basis for the development of new products and services, always close to the project and to the customers.
Stifterverband is a joint initiative started in 1920 by companies and foundations – the only one in Germany to be devoted entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation.

Effective theft protection by GPS

The adjacent current news from the local press WAZ shows it again, modern telematics helps in the protection against theft or in its solution. The most up-to-date telematics system from our company GEObox Smart, offers a variety of functions that are suitable for alarm messages, among other things:

  • Alarm when leaving a defined area (geofence),
  • Alarm Alarm when moving outside a defined time window,
  • Alarm when moving the vehicle (even without GPS),
  • Alarm when the on-board power is disconnected.

The value added of our system GEObox smart goes far beyond theft protection. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Winter Services – with the System GEObox smart


„Hey you - there wasn´t any

spreading grit or snow removal for days !!"

Now you are well prepared for such telephone calls. With the System GEObox smart you get a realtime information about all your vehicles and teams on the road and the actual status of work.

You find the surplus value for your business in the logical combination of time, location and sensor data with other GIS-data. The GEObox smart System can be configured individually and professional integrated in already used technical equipment.

Mobile Data-Collecting in Forestry

The mobile space-oriented evaluation of geodetic and technical data is a daily task in forestry. The System Geometer MX offers several solutions and various operations for an inventory such as:

MXbox handheld

  • Inventory of the woods
  • Inventory of the damage of woods
  • Examination of the ground quality
  • Forestry measuring
  • Measuring of sample areas