MX Box


MXbox hybrid


Receiver for corrections


MXbox basic


Receiver for corrections

mxbox2011   mxbox2011-2

Flyer MXbox hybrid

Technik MXbox hybrid 14 Channels

Technik MXbox hybrid 28 Channels


Flyer MXbox basic

Technik MXbox basic




• Measuring in the woods and urban canyons

• Perfect use in agriculture and forestry as well as in environmental protection

• Actually in use for the third woods-inventory 2011

• Survey of an area with an immediate graphic check



• MXbox hybrid optional with GLONASS

• Certificated from TÜV Süd due to the demand of the EU for official controlling (InVeKoS-method)

• Accuracy in position of 0,5 m in realtime

• Receiver for corrections for Beacon (medium wave) and EGNOS inside

• 14, optional 28-channel, parallel tracking

• RTCM - input, NMEA – output

• Combineable with all tablet PC

• Wireless bluetooth technology




• Software with German menu

• Flexible antenna position due to offset antenna (also with magnetic antenna base)

• Quick changing between car and field position

• Combineable with all tablet PC


One-stop service – flexible adaption to customer requests by producer.